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Sheriff Tony Stewart charges: No criminal charges at this time after accident

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

After the big accident this weekend, a lot of people were expecting Tony Stewart to possibly end up with criminal charges. On Sunday, Washington Post shared that after the accident that killed Kevin Ward Jr. Tony is not in any trouble with the law at all. It doesn't look like any criminal charges are going to be filed at this time.

In this accident, Kevin Ward Jr. got out of his car and walked out on to the race track. Then Tony Stewart ran over him and it resulted in the death of Kevin Ward Jr. It appears that it was an accident in the preliminary findings from the officers that are working the scene of the accident.

Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero spoke out at a news conference, "There are no criminal charges pending at this time. We have reviewed the investigation to this point with the Ontario County district attorney. At this very moment, there are no facts in hand that would substantiate or support a criminal charge, or indicate criminal intent on the part of any individual."

Tony Stewart was only going 30-35 mph when he hit Kevin Ward Jr. More information is out and it was reported that, "There are no foregone conclusions made at this point. We’re looking for any information, any relevant evidence, that will help us come to a final determination as to why this happened." The investigation will be sent out on the District Attorney after they are done, but this is the way that all cases are done. Povero also said that Tony Stewart was obviously shaken after the accident happened this weekend.