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Sheriff Tony Stewart charges: Kevin Ward's family furious, lash out at Stewart

Tony Stewart hitting and killing Kevin Ward on the race track Saturday night has prompted a division of camps when it comes to who is to blame for this horrific incident. This death happened during a rage spun from the rival between Stewart and Ward on the track and according to “Fox and Friends” live on Monday morning Aug. 11, some are suggesting that Stewart could have avoided hitting Ward was walking in the middle of the track yelling at Stewart at the time he was hit.

Kevin Ward's family furious at Tony Stewart. Ward's aunt takes to Facebook.
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

The sheriff’s office in the New York county where this accident occurred has made it clear that this accident is being investigated as a “track incident.” At a Sunday press conference, Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero reports that there is no evidence of criminal intent. There is no evidence that would cause law enforcement to file criminal charges against Tony Stewart, the NASCAR star for hitting and killing Ward, according to Reuters News on Aug. 10.

While many don't see this as Stewart's fault, others are claiming he sped up instead of slowing down when seeing Ward on the track. He "throttled" his car right before he hit Ward, reports witnesses. "Fox and Friends" reports that Tony Stewart was "questioned again" about running down a fellow driver, reports Elisabeth Hasselbeck live on Monday.

Kevin Ward’s grief-stricken family members didn’t mince words when lashing out at Stewart and Ward's aunt took to social media to share the family's fury with the world. Wendi Ward, who was Ward’s aunt, called Stewart a “di*k.” She also said that Stewart left her family with a “deep hurt that should not be there,” reports Mail Online today.

Ward’s aunt also said on Facebook, “thanks for thinking of our family Tony Stewart when you decided to be a d*ck.” Stewart’s aggressive driving in a race was seen last year at the same track, where he took responsibility for causing a wreck that left a 19-year-old female driver with serious injuries to her back and spine. Stewart triggered the 15-car-pileup in July of 2013.

Alysha Ruggles, last year’s crash victim was friends with Ward. She “was close to being paralyzed,” said Ruggles mother. The Ruggles family refused to blame Stewart for her injuries. Last year’s accident offers up some ammunition to the people blaming Stewart for hitting Ward on the race track.

Along with that accident, visions of Stewart's rage captured on videos through out his racing career were shown on "Fox and Friends" live Monday morning. He is known to have a temper, as he is seen in clips throwing his helmet, along with other behaviors suggesting that he has a short fuse.

As Brian Kilmeade from “Fox and Friends” suggests, it was dark and Ward was all in black, he was even wearing a black helmet. As you can see in the video above, a car was headed right for Ward and swerved. Stewart’s car was behind this car, so Stewart doesn’t look as if he had a view of Ward until he was almost on top of him.

This horrendous incident started when Stewart’s car clipped Ward’s car, sending Ward spinning to the wall. His car was wrecked and Ward got out of the car and started walking across the track while the race was still underway. He is seen in the above video yelling and pointing his finger at the on-coming car driven by Stewart.

He was in a rage over Stewart clipping his car. A car in front of Stewart’s car swerved and missed Ward, but Stewart’s car hit Ward with its back tire, dragging Ward about 50-feet before he went flying into the air and landing about 50-yards away. Ward was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Police are asking any spectators with pictures or a video of this incident to please contact them. They are asking for the public's help in this investigation.

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