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Sheriff's office employee arrested, accused of stealing $100,000 dollars

Pamela M. Foxx
Pamela M. Foxx
Courtesy Columbia County Sheriff's Office

(Columbia County, FL.) -- Pamela M. Foxx, a legal assistant who has worked at the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office for 15 years was taken into custody at her home Saturday afternoon by a few of her colleagues on a charge of 1st degree Grand Theft. She’s accused of stealing $100,000.00 from the sheriff’s office. According to a press release the arrest concluded a week long investigation which showed Foxx was misappropriating funds kept in accounts to which she had access.

The investigation began after another CCSO employee noticed discrepancies in a money transfer Foxx had handled. The Office of the Comptroller was notified that funds were unaccounted for and Sheriff Mark Hunter assigned two detectives to conduct an in depth audit of the accounts that Foxx had access to and verified that a large amount of money was unaccounted for.

Detectives interviewed Foxx and they say she admitted to stealing the money from a sheriff’s office account and depositing it into her personal bank account. The theft allegedly occurred over a 3 year period, starting in 2007 and detectives estimate Foxx probably misappropriated over $100,000.00 during the three year period.

“The charge against Pamela Foxx is not a reflection of the employees of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Mark Hunter in a statement. “This was an isolated incident. The public can be assured that their Sheriff’s Office is staffed by the highest caliber of people who do a great job day in and day out”, the Sheriff added. Foxx is currently on administrative leave without pay. A final determination on her employment status will be made in the coming days.