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Sheriff’s new video features Dorner shooting victim

Sheriff John McMahon’s campaign released a new short video featuring members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department who, among other items, discuss the Dorner manhunt. Detective Alex Collins, who was shot four times by Christopher Dorner last year, talks about the shooting and his recovery.

Sheriff John McMahon
Sheriff John McMahon

Law enforcement shootings became a focus of this Sheriff’s race during a debate between the three candidates, McMahon and challengers Paul Schrader and Cliff Harris, when Schrader claimed he was shot and stabbed in the line of duty. Members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department were quick to call Schrader out on the claims after he would not provide details of either incident.

Over a period of months, inquiries were sent to the West Memphis Police Department in Arkansas where Schrader claimed the incident occurred. The only confirmation of an “incident” was by a current captain who stated Schrader may have been hit during a training exercise at the range.

According to Captain Ken Mitchell, “I know of no documented records confirming either of these alleged injuries. However, I did work with Mr. Shrader for a portion of the time (1/91 until he left in 1993) he worked for the West Memphis Police Department.

“I do recall hearing from and discussing with co-workers an accident involving Mr. Schrader receiving an arm injury from a bullet that supposedly fragmented during training at our firing range. I was not at the range when the accident occurred. That is the only knowledge I have of him ever being shot.”

The result is a barrage of “stolen valor” accusations against Schrader. Sworn personnel are expressing outrage over Schrader’s claim when one of their own died on the mountain that day and Collins suffered injuries to his face, chest, leg and arm. Simply put, they say they do not want someone leading their department who insults the real sacrifice made by their fellow officers.