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Sheriff's detective shoots dog while searching for suspect at wrong home

Family photo via Police State USA

A dog, who was shot when an Erie County, N.Y., sheriff's detective went to the wrong house while searching for a suspect, has been seized from her family and there are fears that she might be destroyed, reported Monday's Buffalo News.

In late July, the dog, a pit bull named "Lady," was shot in the head when plainclothes detectives entered the backyard of a home in East Concord while searching for a man who did not reside at the residence; the dog was in the yard with Megan Shimburski's five-year-old daughter at the time that the shots were fired.

Shimburski, who had stepped inside the home to use the restroom, told Police State USA:

I heard 2 shots fired, and Lady yelp, and my daughter scream.

She added:

He then proceeded to continue walking up the hill with his gun raised, and I screamed at him not to shoot his gun again,”

Shimburski had no idea who the men with the guns were until she told them that she was calling the police and they informed her that they WERE the police. The detectives claim that the dog was shot because she had charged at them when they walked into the yard.

Lady survived the shooting, but required emergency surgery to the tune of more than $1,000.

Adding insult to injury, days after the dog was shot, police arrived once again - this time with an animal warden and a permit to seize the dog because she had been declared "dangerous." Matthew Albert, an attorney who is representing Lady's owner, told Buffalo News:

“That dog didn’t do anything, and now it seems they want to either have her put to sleep or dismember her forever,”

“The actions of the deputies since the shooting incident have been completely blatant and retaliatory in nature."

Lady has been taken to the Sardinia animal shelter where Shimburski alleges that the dog is receiving substandard care. When Lady's guardian has her day in court, her lawyer has stated that he plans to:

present compelling proof that this dog is one of the nicest dogs you’ll ever meet, and that the shooting of her was completely unjustifiable and an act of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Petition to have Lady released to her family at this link.

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