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Sheriff Paul opens Congressional exploratory committee

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Sheriff Paul has announced today that he is opening an exploratory committee to see if his running for Congress would be supported by voters.

This raises a number of questions, among them being, can Arizona afford to lose him on the front lines of the border battle?

Sheriff Paul is a veteran of the Iraq War, a retired Major in the United States Army National Guard, and was commander of the Yuma Task Force that drastically reduced illegal immigration in the Yuma Sector, by among other things, building a wall. Sheriff Paul has also been very vocal in the onslaught of illegal smuggling that is happening in Pinal County.

He has stood up against the Fast and Furious program. He has stood up as an advocate in building the fence in Arizona. He has been named Sheriff of the Year, and is fast becoming a man to be reckoned with, along the lines of Sheriff Joe, in the world of illegal immigration.

What is the best way to silence the voice that has been standing behind us, and lending credibility to the concerns of many Arizonans living on and off the border? Send him to Washington.

Do we really want to do that Arizona? Or do we need Sheriff Paul where his skills and tactical experience are needed most?

These are some tough questions and ones that need to be explored during the exploratory committee. Hopefully, this week, those questions will be answered.