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Sheriff Paul Babeu "Its time for a new Sheriff in Washington"

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Sheriff Paul Babeu announced the opening of an exploratory committee that will determine whether or not the outspoken Sheriff of Pinal County will throw his hat into the congressional ring. This tough as nails sheriff has made headlines last year with his stance on border issues, and the amount of drug and human smuggling that is making its way thropugh his county.

There are many questions surrounding his announcement, and its always best to go to the source to get your information. Here is the interview in its entirety:

1. Do you feel that you would lose some of the ground you have gained in Arizona with regards to the border battle by going to Washington?

Sheriff Paul- If I thought for a second that we'd lose any of the ground we'd gained in the fight, I wouldn't even consider running. I'm confident the reforms we've made in the department will continue, and that we will increase our influence by having a member of Congress with first hand experience in our border crisis.

2. Sheriff Joe has been asked several times if he would run for Senate, and with all due respect that you are not him, he has stated that he has more power as a Sheriff. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Sheriff Paul - I see where he's coming from. A Sheriff is an executive, which by definition gives you the ability to make quick decisions that a Congressman can't. But as a member of Congress, I can have an impact on issues of national concern: record debt and deficit spending, massive unemployment, and a broken border that permits 400,000 unlawful entries every year in Arizona alone.

3. If your committee finds that you should run for Congress which seat would you be running for?

Sheriff Paul - Congressional District 4, the River District, which stretches from Pinal County to part of Maricopa, Yavapai County, Mohave County, La Paz, and down to Yuma.

4. Your career as a soldier and tactical leader has been highly successful. Do you think you would be just as successful if you trade your combat boots for high dollar Italian leather shoes?

Sheriff Paul- Ha! There are no Italian leather shoes in my future. I do believe, however, that I will bring to Congress a record of success as a Major in the Army National Guard, as a police officer, and as the National Sheriff of the Year.

5. Would Arizona truly be served best by your promotion to Congress in your honest opinion?

Sheriff Paul- In whatever capacity I've served, I've looked to see how I could best add value. I believe that my voice will be a unique and forceful one on issues of great concern to Arizona.

To find out more about Sheriff Paul and why he would be a good fit for Congress go to: