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Sheriff no duty: Sheriff says no sex while on duty

wikimedia commons

A Spokan sheriff is telling his deputies that they are not allowed to have sex on duty. You would think you did not have to tell the people who work for you this kind of thing but obviously he had to explain the rules to them. MSN News shared how he had to explain this rule to his employees.

He recently had to fire a deputy for doing this and now that deputy was able to win his job back in arbitration because it wasn't spelled out exactly. He put out a new memo that says, "sex on duty is a breach of the public trust and a breach of the sheriff’s office code of ethics, core values and officer safety."

There is no information on what exactly happened to get the deputy fired. Now he has his job back but he won't be having sex on duty anymore if the sheriff in Spokane, Washington has his way about things. At least it is spelled out now and that should make it where if he fires someone again they will be able to make the firing stick.