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Sheriff Joe Arpaio busts drug smuggling ring

Sheriff Joe Arpaio...doing the job the feds won't do!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio...doing the job the feds won't do!Getty Images

On Monday, Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies took down a drug smuggling ring in Avondale, AZ.

Several AK-47 assault rifles as well as $200,000 worth of cocaine were seized.

Deputies arrested Jose Antonio Lucio-Vega, Jesus Joel Rivera-Vizcarra and Miguel Edwardo Leyva-Lopez. All of those taken into custody are in the country illegally. The suspects allegedly sold drugs to undercover detectives.

According to deputies, of the illegal aliens has been previously deported for drug charges.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio told reporters: “I just bring up the last two days, where we are trying to rescue a hostage, and now we're working undercover to seize a large amount of drugs, and once again you have illegal aliens involved in those crimes. So no one is going to keep telling me illegal aliens don't get involved in crimes in this county.”