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Sheriff David Clarke wins another media battle against Mayor Bloomberg of NYC

stay out of jail
stay out of jail
jodi emmer

Sheriff David Clarke is being butchered in the media yet again. He is a nice guy who speaks the truth as he actually told the citizens of Milwaukee not to stand idly by but to purchase guns in case they were in a situation where they would need them and no police officer may be around to help.

According to the Journal Sentinel Online,” The Greater Wisconsin Committee funded in part by Chris Abele (who by the way never showed up for his DUI court date and had a bench warrant issued for his arrest) purchased $400,000 worth of broadcast media to take aim at Sheriff Clarke who has received support from the NRA. That is 400,000 which could be better spent on food for the poor or skills to help people get jobs, or money to buy toys for children whose parents cannot afford them, the list goes on and on, but that money was spent on a smear campaign instead of better helping the people of Milwaukee.

As Sheriff Clarke stated, “The Voters have spoken and I accept the results. With twice as many voters in this election than four years ago (not to mention NYC Mayor Bloomberg added his smear campaign to attempt to rid Milwaukee of pro-gun Sheriff David Clarke) there is a brighter spotlight on the work of The Milwaukee Sheriff’s office (

The mindless writer has a history with Sheriff David Clarke as a guest in his House of Correction facility for ten weeks because she was caught driving without a license. Sheriff Clarke played a Father role to many of the inmates at the House of Correction and he treated the inmates with a soft spoken, dignified parental guidance role to many of the inmates who had no real parental figure in their life.

Sheriff Clarke is only one man but he attempted to lead a glowing example in his leadership role at The House of Correction by always being available to lend his guidance to the many inmates at the facility. He was an approachable man and kind, but he certainly did not take any Bullshit from any inmate who tried his patience. The inmates who wanted to change their lives he helped. Many of the inmates sought out jobs in the kitchen and in the maintenance area. They relied on those jobs to get them through the long days at the facility where one day could feel like a week.

The staff at the House of Correction was quite tolerant and nurturing. The mindless writer was not in a position to gain access to a kitchen job, but the staff helped her acquire a job in the kitchen so she could make a contribution to the facility. The mindless writer had no release date which is a requirement for kitchen duty but the staff decided to look the other way and allow the mindless writer to take the job

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