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Sheriff Benny Napoleon is keeping Wayne County safe and needs support

Public safety is his top priority!!! Vote on August 3, 2010 to retain Sheriff Benny Napoleon.
Public safety is his top priority!!! Vote on August 3, 2010 to retain Sheriff Benny Napoleon.
Randy Jenkins

Today, June 19, 2010; you can get involved in the campaign to Retain Sheriff Benny Napoleon at his First Campaign Volunteer Meeting.  Here, you can and receive training and assignments varying from walking neighborhoods to sending emails.

The relevant information pertaining to this function at the campaign headquarters is the following:

The campaign headquarters is located at 3180 E. Jefferson Detroit MI 48207.

Team Benny Meeting

Saturday June 19, 2010

11:00 am to 1:00 pm

(refreshments will be available)

Sheriff Benny Napoleon has shown his commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for law enforcement in his over 34 years in the field of law enforcement. He's a retired Chief of Police, Professor of Criminal Justice, is an licensed attorney, and received specialized training at the FBI National Academy as well as involvement in the U.S Secret Service Dignitary Protection program.

As you can see, Sheriff Napoleon is well suited, qualified, and deserving of retaining his position of Wayne County Sheriff. What's even more impressive is his experience as an Assistant County Executive.  This experience acquired as an Assistant County Executive is absolutely vital when dealing with budget concerns and constraints, along with managing day-to-day operations of the position of Wayne County Sheriff.

Sheriff Napoleon, thanks for providing gun locks to gun owners to help address the unintentional firearm discharge injuring children in our homes.  Thanks for the Dose of Reality Tours and information provided to help reach out to the youth before they enter the criminal justice system.  Thanks for going after deadbeat parents who fail to fulfill their commitments of providing child support in Wayne County.  Thanks for the great and extensive work pertaining to internet crimes (sex offenders inappropriately  interacting with minors on-line).  Thanks for the cell phones for seniors program.  Sheriff Benny Napoleon, I say thanks.  The residents of Wayne County, they say thanks. 

Think about this...........................In a military who is at war, you don't change the commander-in-chief in the middle of a war.  A similar analogy can be said for the position of Wayne County Sheriff.  You can't change the Sheriff who is effective and who is leading a department that is doing their part to protect the residents of Wayne County. 

"Times Are Tough And So Are We!" Vote on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 to retain Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

For more and extensive information pertaining to the campaign to Retain Sheriff Benny Napoleon, please visit .

On the website, you can find out why I speak so well of Sheriff Benny Napoleon.  You can also find out about upcoming events, getting involved in the campaign, making donations, etc.

"Public Safety is his Top Priority"

VOTE on Tuesday, August 3, 2010!!!


  • Ronald Taylor 5 years ago

    I support the efforts to retain Sheriff Benny Napoleon as sheriff. I absolutely love the efforts that Sheriff Napoleon does with the youth to keep them out of the "system", instead of sitting back and waiting until they enter the "system".

  • Carlton Owens 5 years ago

    Sheriff Napoleon definitely got my vote.

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