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Sheriff Arpaio steps up efforts to apprehend illegal aliens

joe_arpaio3(4).jpg Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Proving that routine traffic stops can yield significant results, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office arrested eight illegal aliens in the northeast valley on Tuesday night. The traffic stop provided deputies with evidence that lead to a drop house where four more aliens were also arrested.

In an unrelated incident, acting on information received on the illegal immigration hotline, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office seized hundreds of false ID’s and manufacturing equipment while arresting five illegal aliens on February 2, 2010. The arrests are a result of a sixth month investigation by deputies.

Sheriff Arpaio believes that human smuggling is dependant on the network of drop houses in and around the Valley. These locations serve as a breeding ground for crime and violence.

“My deputies have taken notice of where in the Valley these drop houses have been in operation, and we intend to conduct another crime suppression operation in the very near future to address those areas of concern,” said Sheriff Arpaio.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s Office pointed out that the MCSO is the only law enforcement agency in the state to actively enforce all federal and state illegal immigration laws, and that he intends to expand his crime suppression operations in the near future.

“My office will begin the operations expansion soon and I look forward to increasing the impact made regarding the illegal immigration problem,” said Arpaio.

Arpaio indicated that he also intends to, “augment his ability to reduce the number of illegal aliens entering the county, increase focus on the northeast corridor of the county, and will aim to eliminate human smuggling operations.”

Maricopa County residents should take note of the courageous efforts of Sheriff Arpaio to enforce the laws of the United States and Arizona, while continuing to suffer from the malicious efforts of the federal government to remove him from office.


  • Tex 5 years ago

    Go, Joe! Keep up the great work!

  • Juan Pablo Garcia Rodriguez Juarez 5 years ago

    Find something better to do douchbag sheriff.

  • Illegal Immigrant 5 years ago

    Arpaio is a Puto. Come get me Pinche Puto.

  • Born & Bred in USA 5 years ago

    Arpaio needs to retire and leave immigrants the hell alone. He is a douchbag and a puto (don't know what puto means, but I like the sound). ...just when I thought we [the US] had become the most evolved and least primitive in the world I see that name..."Arpaio"
    Obviously, intellectual evolution has not found him...

  • franks 5 years ago

    He may be something of a buffoon, but he's the only thing close to immigration enforcement in this whole country. Since the rest of "law enforcement" looks the other way in service to their agenda-driven masters, he's the best we've got.

  • bob 5 years ago

    comment by moronic 'Born & Bred in USA '

    They are ILLEGAL , they don't belong here and should be sent back to mexico where they belong!

    Maybe you should go with them "douchbag and a puto (don't know what puto means, but I like the sound)" fits you perfectly.

    You're obviously too dumb to use a dictionary , otherwise you'd know what 'ILLEGAL' and 'puto' mean - puto refers to YOUR kind (queer)

    Get rid of the illegals and the 'job' shortage ends !

  • l00ker 5 years ago

    Keep up the good work Joe, God bless you.

  • Mid-Am 5 years ago

    A breath of fresh air knowing someone has the guts to be truly politically correct and enforce our laws. Please, America and it's politicians, take notes!

  • Your Papa 5 years ago

    Oh yes, a breath of fetid air from a blowhard who obeys no law in his racist agenda. The Criminal Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  • Julie B 5 years ago

    Speaking of douche bags. Can we give him Janet Napolitano's job?

    real American hero.

  • Born & Bred in USA 5 years ago

    Not all illegals are Mexican...look up racism in your dictionary... along with "Arpaio", you'll see "bob"

    Scapegoat of the ignorant and unfortunate = Mexicans/illegals.

  • Born & Bred in USA 5 years ago

    Not all illegals are Mexican...look up racism in your dictionary... along with "Arpaio", you'll see "bob"

    Scapegoat of the ignorant and unfortunate = Mexicans/illegals.

  • Rich 5 years ago

    ANYONE that supports Arpaio is an ignorant fat piece of... Face it... you don't have a job 'cause you're a loser, so you blame the Mexicans; they are not taking anyone's jobs. You're also stupid. Who would you want a deputy to arrest? A gardener probably here illegally, or a rapist? A rapist, huh. That's how dumb you are. Arpaio wastes MILLIONS of money going after people that are WORKING! Most of them are NOT rapists, or thiefs, or criminals. They come here and work. So if you're house is getting robbed and there are a whole bunch on the sidewalk looking for work, where should resources (i.e. MONEY) be spent? Think! Arpaio is NOT making our community safer. Just the opposite. Read about th percentage of serious crimes his office actually solves. You'd be amazed how little he's doing to keep you and your family safe. But then again, you're stupid and a racist, and ignorant so we're better off without you.

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