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Sheri Few takes the Common Core bull by the horns

Essentially every conservative in the state would agree that education in South Carolina is a problem. Although taking the high road and admitting later that it was a mistake, former Governor Mark Sanford unfortunately joined then-Superintendent of Education Jim Rex and co-signed the necessary documents to accept Common Core on behalf of the Palmetto State. This destructive excuse for quality curriculum will have far-reaching, negative effects on today's youth and tomorrow's adults. For this reason, many feel that the only answer is to tackle this problem at the state level, ultimately by electing the best candidate for South Carolina State Superintendent of Education. Numerous individuals, for good reason, believe that Sherri Few is that person.

Reluctance Changed by Prayer

Few stated that she had no intention of running for Education Superintendent. However, in the fall of 2013, when rumors began that Mick Zais would not seek re-election, she was approached by several individuals who thought she was perfect for the office because of her background and experience with Common Core. Few immediately responded with an emphatic “no,” but offered to help them locate an appropriate candidate. She contacted several individuals, but they were not interested in running.

In December of 2013, Few shared the stage with South Carolina Senator Larry Grooms (R-District 37) at a Florence Tea Party event where she was scheduled to make a presentation about Common Core. Just prior to her presentation, the Senator asked if she would “at least pray about running.” He told her his request was based on the fact that he needed a person he could believe in to support in the upcoming race. Few stated she was humbled that he would ask, and felt she could not refuse to pray about an issue. After seeking God's guidance for several weeks, she realized that He had been preparing her for this position all along.

Exposing the Truth About Common Core

A strong supporter of individual freedom, parent’s rights and home schooling, Few supports maximum educational choice for children and parents and believes the current Administration’s Common Core mandate tramples those rights. She began championing the cause of returning control of curriculum to parents and teachers over ten years ago. As a parent with children who attended public school, the liberal indoctrination of our youth was something with which she was deeply concerned. Few went on to found a productive grassroots organization called South Carolina Parents Involved in Education–SCPIE–which is focused on eliminating state and federal mandates that are opposed to South Carolina's conservative values. Instead the organization promotes educational excellence at the local level, where it wants to place curriculum choice.

Few's election as Education Superintendent is the first step toward ending Obama’s Common Core mandate in our state. It will also send a strong message to American citizens that parents have lost patience with being told they do not know what is best for their own children.

A Powerful Resume

In addition to her work for better schools, Few has served as Kershaw County Republican Party Chair and as a South Carolina GOP Executive Committee member. She has also participated on state boards during the Administrations of Governors Sanford, Beasley and Campbell. In 2010, Few also chaired the State Commission on Women and received recognition from Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum in that same year for her God, family and country-centered work and efforts. Additional awards include the South Carolina Baptist Convention’s E.A. McDowell Award for exemplary Christian service through public education involvement.

For almost 30 years, Sheri and Marty Few have lived in the Midlands, where they raised their sons Chip, Billy, Bobby and Jesse, all of whom are public school graduates. Their family construction company specializes commercial building and renovations and pool construction.

Naturally, there are other candidates running, but no pun intended, few have the courage and strength to grab Common Core by the scruff of the neck and tell it “YOU must go!” Sheri Few is dedicated to this cause and will not stop until she has accomplished her goal of eradicating this destructive program from South Carolina. While other candidates mention this issue and quickly move on, Sheri Few says, “here I am, Common Core, let's rumble.” The future of South Carolina's children and youth hinge on electing the best candidate for Superintendent of Education. That person is Sheri Few.