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Sheree's Dog Rescue Happy Tail of Max Poodle

Max Poodle
Max Poodle
Sheree's Dog Rescue

Sheree’s Dog Rescue is in need of Foster Homes! Sheree’s Dog Rescue has been rescuing, caring for and finding good forever homes for dogs for several years. With the help of, and, this task has been made easier. The animals they rescue are fostered in foster homes where they can better care for them and give them the love and attention they need and, in many cases were never given. Their goal is to find the perfect “forever” loving family for each of them and the ideal companion for that family.

We have followed the story of Max Poodle through the process of emergency rescue, foster care and finally, adoption into the perfect family. This happy-ending story ends with a letter to Sheree's Dog Rescue from Max Poodle.

Max Poodle lived in Pennsylvania with his owner, who had brought him into the vet with UTI (Urinary Tract Infections). Max had been treated for the UTI and put on a prescription diet to assist with prevention of further UTI’s. His condition was treatable and he was getting proper care. For whatever reason, the owner insisted that the vet euthanize Max. The conscientious vet pleaded for some time. The owner agreed to allow the vet a few days to find Max a new home, but if one could not be found, she would insist that he be euthanized.

Linda from Sheree’s Dog Rescue picked up an urgent plea on She took off to Pennsylvania to pick up Max Poodle. She drove back to McKinney from Pennsylvania, including an overnight stay in a hotel with a playful, lovable, sociable Max. Once back in McKinney, Max went to his foster home, where he charmed any and everyone who happened to see him.

Max’s prescription diet continued to work and he suffered no more UTI’s. A few short weeks later, Max had an interested adopter. One visit with Max and he adopted them almost instantly.

Linda from Sheree’s Dog Rescue received the following letter from Max Poodle shortly after he adopted his new family: “Hello Miss Linda, My mom wanted to let you know how well I’m doing in my furever home. I am having so much fun playing with my new siblings and my mom and dad. I’m getting lots of love, and lots of belly, neck and back rubbins. I love all my toys and my morning and evening strolls……My mom and dad are making sure that I have my special food. They are even making me special treats so that I can stick to my diet needs. They are yummy! I get to meet my new doctor next week. My mom says he and the girls in the office will love me! I’m already getting presents in the mail from grandma and grandpa. They can’t wait to come and meet me! I hear grandpa loves to go on walks, so we should get along just fine. I will keep you updated with how I’m doing and some new photos. Thank you, Miss Linda, for coming to get me so that I could adopt my new furever home and family! I will never forget you. Hugs and kisses, Max".

Sheree’s Dog Rescue needs your help to save and care for more dogs. Please help so that there will be many more happy tails from Sheree's Dog Rescue!


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