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‘Shenmue’ on PS4 potentially hinted by Sony Computer Entertainment

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The Japanese branch of Sony Computer Entertainment may have hinted that the “Shenmue” franchise will be coming to the PS4. According to a report from MMGN on Feb. 21, the console manufacturer released a new trailer highlighting the social features of the next-generation system.

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A small snippet of the footage shows a user going by the name of “Ryo H.” Fans of the “Shenmue” were immediately reminded of Ryo Hazuki, the main character of the series. The latest discovery is just one of the recent signs that suggests that the cult hit series will be appearing in some form on the PS4.

Sega recently lost the trademark for “Shenmue” because they have no use for it, which leaves open the door of another company to potentially acquire the rights. Furthermore, Yu Suzuki, the creator of “Shenmue” will be part of a post-mortem panel featuring the action-adventure series at this year’s Game Developers Conference. He will be joined in the presentation by March Cerny, the system architect of the PS4.

The first “Shenmue” was released for the United States in 2000 while “Shenmue 2” came out in 2002. Despite achieving cult hit status, the series did not sell well enough to be continued. Fans have been hoping for years that Sega will continue the story of the series with “Shenmue 3.” You can find some screens from the first game in the gallery to the left of this article.