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Shenanigan’s afoot in Iowa


One really has to wonder who sounds crazier, Ron Paul or this woman speaking for the Iowa GOP? Video. She spells out the plan and is not at all afraid to say that plans are underway to do anything to keep Ron Paul from winning Iowa. She repeats the fear mongering of the media. She repeats the threats from the media. She repeats all of the media talking points. How is the media going to scare Iowans into voting their way? That is crazy.

Is this what the good people of Iowa really want? The GOP has already moved the vote counting to a secure location. The reason given was that a note was handed to an occupy protester ordering him to make an anonymous video and tell the media they would hack the Iowa voting results. Wait a minute, take a deep breath. Who in the heck believes this stuff? Do the media really think you are this stupid Iowa? As a network technician by profession I know that it’s completely impossible to do unless it is an inside job. Even then, it wouldn’t be able to be done with witnesses around. To move the counting to a secure location ensures the results will be rigged.

Remember when the media said an internet virus affected the power plant in Iran? Remember when they said our power plants and power grid could be hacked? It’s hilarious and pathetic. What kind of idiot would link our national security to the internet? They are not connected to the internet and neither are the Iowa results. It has to be an inside job. Someone would have to have access. Perhaps you have never seen this footage before. Do not be fooled Iowa. The American people are hip to the lengths these people will go and they refuse to be fooled anymore.

I strongly urge those thinking about it not to do it. The people are watching and they will know if this election has been rigged. The signs were all there. The media tried to spin the last polls and Ron Paul called them on it. Its time to take your country back and it starts in Iowa.There are two things in this country that should never be messed with, the U.S. Constitution and paper ballots.