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Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville teem with local orchards and fruit stands

The Shenandoah Valley and the Charlottesville area teem with local produce, green living advocates and large-scale farms, as well as the simpler backyard enthusiast. If there’s a market for it, somebody near Charlottesville is likely growing it and selling it at a local farmers market or a nearby fresh produce stand. If you are traveling in the area, why not take advantage of the abundant, locally sourced foods?

Otherwise sweaty back-breaking work, cool mountain breezes temper strawberry picking at Seaman's Orchard in Loveland.
Pamela Perkins Donnelly

Open daily fresh produce vendors, fruit stands and pick-your-own farms and orchards near Charlottesville include:

  • Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville
  • Chiles Peach Orchard and Farm Market in Crozet
  • Critzer Family Farm in Afton
  • Henley’s Orchard in Crozet
  • Saunders Brothers Farm Market in Piney River
  • Seaman’s Family Orchard in Roseland

"Buy Local – Eat Local" is an easy philosophy to have in Charlottesville, and it’s even easier to act on that philosophy. Fresh milk, egg, goat cheese, pork, beef, mushrooms, eggs….the list goes on and on….are available at the local Farmers Markets [LINK ] at least a couple times a week. And the more normally thought of fresh fruits and vegetables like corn, squash berries, stone fruits and apples can also be purchased daily, with a little bit of driving around town.

There’s even an annual natural fiber festival, the Fall Fiber Festival, in neighboring Madison County at Montpelier Station each year complete with workshops, dog trails and sheep shearing demonstrations.

Whatever your reason for visiting Charlottesville, a certain "natural," green living attitude is easy to add to your trip's itinerary. in Charlottesville. Below is a description of Check out the options below and make your plans to visit today.

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