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Shen Yun graced San Francisco at the beginning of 2012 (photos)

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Shen Yun graced San Francisco at the beginning of 2012 (photos)

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On one Saturday alone, January 7, 2012, New York-based Shen Yun presented two consecutive shows at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House. And both shows attracted a full house of art patrons in the City by the Bay. That fact made top news in the arts and entertainment world.

San Francisco, acclaimed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is well known for its performing arts activities. Among all the theaters in this lovely city, there is no doubt that the historical San Francisco War Memorial Opera House wins the title of the most prestigious one. This theatre is also home for two world renowned performing arts companies - the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera.

For quite some time, the topic of the year 2012 has raised a lot of uncertainty and speculation around the globe. But now this special year has finally arrived.

Right after the New Year bell rang for the year 2012, Shen Yun --the world's premier classical performing arts company-- graced San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House. Nearly 100 world-class performing artists, who had traveled from upstate New York, took the grand stage for a 7-show run from Jan 3-8.

The classical Chinese dance and music show was not only stunningly beautiful--being 5,000 years in the making-- it also sent out a powerful message of hope for a better future. In the last five days, art patrons with different background all gathered at the historical theatre and became mesmerized by Shen Yun - a show most of them had never experienced before.

It is interesting to mention that even the weather in San Francisco greatly improved after Shen Yun’s arrival! During the first seven days of 2012, the fog city turned surprisingly warm and it felt like summer. A coincidence? Or did the Shen Yun generate a heat wave?

We might speculate on the weather connection, but we don't need to speculate on how several important people are becoming more and more interested in the show. Did you know that renowned figures from around the globe have joined Shen Yun’s patron group?

It's true. Those important people range from the British royal family to Canada's national leaders in Ottawa. Like everyone else who has seen the show, celebrity audience members are awed by the stunning beauty of Shen Yun with its positive, profound messages.

It's the understanding of those profound messages that have caused many to proclaim Shen Yun as “priceless” and “the world’s No.1 show and it is the only one”.

Shen Yun has finished its run now in San Francisco, but it is currently traveling around America, with the next stop being Los Angeles. You can still book tickets at

You'll be glad you did.

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Shen Yun, 5,000 years in the making, now in San Francisco (photos)



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