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Shen Yun captivates full house at Lincoln Center in NYC (photos, video)

Hard-to-get tickets for Shen Yun in NYC sold out a week ago

Shen Yun
Shen Yun
Shen Yun
Shen Yun Captivates Full House of Audience at Lincoln Center NYC (photos, video)
Shen Yun

San Francisco world travelers and dance lovers who went to New York City this weekend will be pleased to know that, on the afternoon of January 14, 2012, a full house of audience members at David H. Koch Theater, at the Lincoln Center, gave thunderous applause to Shen Yun - a grand classical Chinese dance and music show. At the end, the exhilarated audience asked for three curtain calls to show their appreciation of the talented artists and the brilliant show.

World travelers in San Francisco might be interested to know that this is the third time in a year that New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has performed at the nation's most prestigious venue - The Lincoln Center.

See the Shen Yun show that happened right here in San Francisco: Shen Yun graced San Francisco at the beginning of 2012 (photos)

And so popular was it that tickets to this 5-show-run were already sold out a week in advance.

Due to the high demand, the presenters even opened the fifth floor box seats--those originally blocked due to partial view of the backdrop. Those added box seats were also quickly sold out. Amazing! Many would have taken standing room only tickets - had they been available.

On the same day, in another Shen Yun performance - this time in Southern California- at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown Los Angles, another show was sold out. Again, people asked about buying standing room only tickets.

A similar demand is being found for the show that will be performed in Toronto, Canada.

San Francisco world travelers can find out more about Shen Yun on the official website:

The beautiful performance revives 5000 years of culture and civilization. Many have wondered if this is a Chinese show produced for Chinese nationals only. It isn't.

In fact, this show, that was created by a group of overseas Chinese artists, is actually meant for people all over the world.

And audience members don't need to understand a single word of Chinese, since the show is narrated in both Chinese and English. You can easily understand Shen Yun because Shen Yun communicates with audience members in a universal language--the language of classical Chinese dance and music.

As the M.C. of one Shen Yun performance said, as he introduced a dance piece: "No two snow flakes are the same." In the same way then, no two people's understanding of Shen Yun is the same either. Different audience members with different backgrounds, different educations, and different life experiences are drawn to different aspects of Shen Yun--a show that condenses 5000 years of wisdom, values and essence."

"I am completely enchanted", said Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent after watching Shen Yun.

"A mesmerizing experience," is what Donna Karen, the creator of DKNY called it.

San Francisco world travelers should know that they can catch the show if they are traveling in the next couple of week.

That's because three, equally-sized, Shen Yun companies will be performing in San Diego, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix and Kansas City.

World travelers should check out the full schedule of the Shen Yun shows in over 100 cities and in 30+ countries, by checking out the website:

If you ever wondered what Shen Yun was and why Shen Yun is becoming a world-wide phenomenon, especially at a relatively slow time in the theatre business in general, then the best way to find out is to experience it yourself.

You'll be glad you did!

Click on the slideshow and video on the left-hand side for more on this story.

San Francisco residents can fly to any of the cities where Shen Yun is performing by checking out deals online at The flights will leave from local SFO International Airport.

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