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Shen Yun in California

Shen Yun Dancer
Shen Yun Dancer
Courtsey of Shen Yun

Shen Yun in Chinese translates to “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing,” and the two-hour show, with its stunning performers and exquisite handmade costumes, makes audiences feel as though, indeed, they are experiencing heavenly beings floating and soaring through the air.

For thousands of years, China was known as Shen Zhou, the Land of the Divine. Celebrating 5,000 years of China’s glorious heritage, Shen Yun Performing Arts will transport you back to a time before the Communist Cultural revolution, when China’s traditional culture was believed to be transmitted by the divine through various dynasties.

The performance takes spectators from one story, region and dynasty to the next, with stunning animated backdrops, high flying leaps, thunderous battle drums, and mesmerizing live orchestra music. Colorful ethnic and folk dances bring to life legends of virtue and tales of courage with grand imperial processions, masterful choreography and spectacular visuals. Based in New York, the troupe brings together over a hundred of the world’s foremost classically trained dancers, choreographers, and musicians. Independent of China’s political regime, Shen Yun seeks to showcase Chinese traditional culture.

Shen Yun plays throughout March with performances in Costa Mesa, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles at Nokia Theatre at LA LIVE March 22 and 23, and Santa Barbara.