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Shemar Morrow dunks: Ohio 6th grader makes a big play

Shemar Morrow is a name the NBA needs to remember in about six years. On March 24, Yahoo Sports reported on this Ohio sixth grader that is already making big moves. Shemar Morrow scored 53 points in a game on Saturday night, but it is the two-handed slam dunk that is getting him noticed. Video of the move has made news for this pre-teen today.

Yes, this basketball player is not even a teenager yet, but he is 6'2. It is clear that he knows what to do with a basketball already. Master P knows all about this 'Baby Lebron' too. He is the coach helping teach Morrow right now.

Where did Morrow make this big move? The National Youth Basketball League game took place on Saturday night in Washington D.C. The game had already entered double overtime when Morrow made this special dunk. Morrow and his Oakland Soldiers pulled out a win at the end of this game.

Morrow is a native of Cleveland, and he already has high schools trying to grab him, according to City League Hoops. Colleges will need to keep an eye out for him in 2020. If he keeps playing like he is now though, he has a shot to go straight to the NBA.

What do you think of this special Ohio kid and the move he made?

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