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Shemar Moore posts shirtless pictures; ‘Criminal Minds’ star to return to 'Y&R'

Shemar Moore shirtless moment for the summer
Shemar Moore shirtless moment for the summer
Shemar Moore/Facebook

Shemar Moore is definitely enjoying the hot, sunny Los Angeles weather and he has decided to share his summertime delight with all his fans. The entertainer might have caught the attention of the fans with his beautiful pictures of the California sunset on Saturday night (it was a majestic orange and red hue,) but it was his shirtless pictures that really were noticed. On Saturday Shemar Moore posted not one, but three pictures on Facebook highlighting his six-pack abs and plenty of muscles. The “Criminal Minds” actor got the attention of all the ladies as he revealed his arm muscles when he flexed.

It appears that Shemar Moore was celebrating his latest gig with the fans. The CBS actor who currently is on “Criminal Minds” picked up another job that is quite familiar with the fans. Moore is returning to “The Young and the Restless” for a guest appearance. According to Enstarz on Friday, the star announced that he will soon reprise his role as Malcolm Winters for two episodes. He hasn’t been on the daytime show since 2005.

While the news might be surprising, Shemar Moore is hinting that he would like to be on “The Young and the Restless” in the future too. It seems that reconnecting with the cast on the show and being offered a chance to reprise a character that was appreciated has the star thinking about daytime television.

Hopefully he isn’t thinking too hard about returning to daytime TV as fans love the star on “Criminal Minds.” For those folks who don’t watch soap operas (or weren't previously familiar with Shemar Moore’s work) the idea of losing him on the popular CBS show is worrisome. However, it seems that the star has life figured out to be part of both shows.

And while the star is busy working, it seems that he has a few extra minutes posting shirtless pictures on his social media too. Hopefully we speak for the fans who love Shemar’s work when we suggest that he should keep the pictures coming!