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Shemar Moore: Derek Morgan takes a bullet in 'Criminal Minds' season 9 finale

Shemar Moore: Derek Morgan takes a bullet in 'Criminal Minds' season 9 finale
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Criminal Minds” star, Shemar Moore is at it again. Moore, who plays Derek Morgan on the CBS hit show, is very active on social media sites, and always finds time to tease his fans with sneak peeks of “Criminal Minds.” On Saturday, April 12 Moore posted two photos on Facebook of a wound Derek Morgan receives in the finale of season 9.

In the photos Moore (aka Derek Morgan) shows off a bloody gash to his left arm. The caption of the first photo revealed that the “Criminal Minds” team has to deal with a “[expletive] storm” in the finale of season 9. Moore also told fans there will be a season 10 of the show, but he didn't say whether or not all the cast members make it to season 10.

In March 2014 CBS announced that “Criminal Minds” was renewed for season 10, which is set to premiere in late 2014. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any word on which of the cast members have signed contracts for season 10.

The second photo shows Moore with sad face as well as a cut to his arm, and he explained how Derek Morgan was injured; however, he didn't go into detail about how it happened. Moore says Morgan was grazed by a bullet in the finale.

“Criminal Minds” first aired on CBS in September 2005, and since then it has remained a fan favorite. In February 2014, “Criminal Minds” celebrated its 200th episode to air; joining other shows like "Mash" and "Friends" in the elite 200 episode club.

There are three episodes left in season 9 of “Criminal Minds,” and according to the two-part finale is set to begin on May 7 at 9 p.m. The final two episodes are titled “Angels,” which airs on CBS on May 7, and “Demons,” which airs on CBS on May 14.