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Shemar Moore announces the end of 'The Bounce Back' filming

Photo courtesy of Shemar Moore, used with permission
Photo courtesy of Shemar Moore, used with permission
Shemar Moore

It's been just over a year since Shemar Moore first approached his fans with the idea of helping him raise money to make a movie called “The Bounce Back.” Now, on Thursday, the actor, who is best known for his role as Derek Morgan on the CBS hit show “Criminal Minds,” announced in a Facebook post that filming on the movie is coming to an end.

Moore posted a photo of himself, the director Youssef Delara, and the leading lady Nadine Velazquez on Facebook informing his fans that filming of “The Bounce Back” is coming to an end, and added that the impact of the movie will last forever. He also took the time to thank the crew and his fans for sharing his dream with him.

Moore's journey to making “The Bounce Back” became public in May 2013 when he launched a campaign on to raise $1.5 million. Shortly after that campaign launched, Moore decided to move his fund-raising efforts from to, where fans were offered special perks in exchange for their donations.

Moore's fans donated more than $638,000, which was over $100,000 more than Moore was seeking, to help him make his movie dreams come true. In exchange fans got things as simple as email updates on the progress of “The Bounce Back,” all the way to the chance to be an extra in the movie depending on the amount they donated.

The cast began filming “The Bounce Back,” which is a low-budge movie based off a book title“The Bounce Back,” in March 2014. The movie is said to be a “heartfelt romantic comedy about finding the courage to love after love has let you down.”

In March 2014 Moore also revealed a possible release date for “The Bounce Back.” He told his Facebook fans that the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey” would have some heavy competition come Valentine's Day 2015, which is the date “Fifty Shades of Grey” is set to hit theaters.

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