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Sheltered dog was so terrified that even 'his' stated gender was incorrect

Russell, aka Rosalind
Russell, aka Rosalind
Contributed photo

Few stories of late have garnered as much attention as the one about "Russell," a terrified mixed breed dog who had been surrendered to the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, Ky., along with six other dogs, just over a week ago.

Russell, aka Rosalind
Tammie Crawford

According to the director of animal support for the facility, Russell was so terrified inside of the facility that he could not be properly evaluated for his temperament - it turns out that he was so frightened, and inaccessible, that even his stated gender was incorrect.

Russell managed to walk free from the animal shelter thanks to the help of the non-profit rescue organization, Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP).

After the dog was pulled from the facility, his new foster mom reached out to the National Dog News Examiner with an update. She wrote:

Penny, I wanted to write you personally and let you know that Rosalind (formerly Russell who is actually a lady) will be fostering at our home in Cincinnati. Your article about this sweet girl reached down and touched a place deep within me.

She added:

I was once a foster kid. I was unwanted, and turned over to my own kind of shelter (a children's home) and I lived in the place Russell/Rosalind was in for quite a while. It's a kind of shutting down that you do to protect yourself from any more pain and suffering.

Today, Rosalind is slowly coming out of her shell under the loving hands of her new foster family. Though she is not ready for a "I have been rescued" photo shoot, she is making good progress and learning that she is going to be okay. In fact, there is a strong possibility that she has already found her forever home...a deep bond between Rosalind and a family member in her foster home has already been established.

The foster handler wrote the following about her son:

I am thinking we're going to end up putting in an application for her. He is totally smitten and she has so completely taken to him it's amazing.

Original story about this dog here.

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