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Shelter Me Inc barn cats number 136 and 137

A pair of handsome King Charles spaniels greeted the barn cats on arrival.
A pair of handsome King Charles spaniels greeted the barn cats on arrival.
Photo credit: A Kesmetis

Not too long ago Shelter Me Inc received an email from the barn owner in Ipswich who provided a home for Sketter and Mittens the third and fourth barn cats our group placed back in 2008. We are reprinting the email below because it is more fun share these notes firsthand than it is paraphrase them--

Mazie is Shelter Me Inc barn cat #137. She couldn't handle life at the shelter and ended up in a swell barn.
Adam Kesmetis

Hi, Hope all is well. Just thought I would send you a quick update on Sketter and Mittens. I think they were in the first wave of adopted cats in 2008.

Both are still doing very well. Sketter still can be a bit skittish but Mittens can be carried and likes nothing better than a good lap! They have been joined by a feral grey male that started hanging around a few years ago. I trapped, neutered, vaccinated him and since the 2 ladies liked him so much, he got to stay. He transformed from a wild, wild cat to the tamest pet ever! He follows us around like a dog and always comes out of the loft when we are in the barn. The two princesses grace us with their presence when it suits them! They have all even become acclimated to our 10 chickens in the barn this winter!

Just thought I would let you know that they have been a great success and pleasure to have around!

The first barn cats we placed were part of a group of seven ‘hard to adopt’ cats staying at the animal control shelter in Gardner, MA. The Animal Control Officer couldn’t find homes for them, so we offered to help. Five years and 137 cats later, Shelter Me Inc is still placing unadoptable cats in barns. The latest two came from Animal Rescue League of Boston’s shelter in Dedham. They were two females who were miserable in the shelter, hissing and hiding until one of the staff members took pity on them and brought them home to stay temporarily in a screened-in porch. Lucky for the cats, a barn owner we knew was willing to them on and off the cats went to their new home.

Shelter Me Inc set up a double-acclimation cage in an open area under the barn where the cats could see the property. But the cats were not happy. So, the barn owner, a very resourceful fellow, transformed a large room in his barn into a cat room and covered the doors with chicken wire so that the cats could see out. It was a terrific solution. The barn owner’s dogs visit with the cats every day and one dog fell in love with one of the cats. Check out the picture and the slide show.


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