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Shelter finds mysterious old photo in stray dog’s collar

Shelter finds mysterious photo in stray dog’s collar
Shelter finds mysterious photo in stray dog’s collar
Greenville County Pet Rescue

A mystery surrounds a stray dog picked up by Animal Control and brought to Greenville County Animal Care.

According to the Greenville County Pet Rescue’s Facebook page:

We found this photo of the young man tucked into his collar.

The dog’s collar held an old black and white photo of an unknown man.

No one knows who the man is, or why the dog would be carrying the photo. Even the tattered photo itself has aroused interest; comments have been made whether the man in the photo is holding a military cap, or strangely, an animal.

Even though the dog's past life may remain a mystery, his future should not be uncertain.

Soldier, as the dog has been named, is currently up for adoption. Soldier is two years old, 48 pounds, and, according to Greenville County Pet Rescue, is dog and people friendly.

To adopt Soldier, call Greenville County Pet Rescue at 864-467-3984 or email them at petrescue@greenvillecountyorg. They are located at 28 Furman Hall Road in Greenville, S.C.

Follow Greenville County Pet Rescue on Facebook to view more adoptable animals.

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