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Shelter dog clings to volunteer's leg as if pleading not to abandon her

Blossom is clinging to the leg of the photographer as if crying not to be abandoned again. Please someone help Blossom.
Blossom is clinging to the leg of the photographer as if crying not to be abandoned again. Please someone help Blossom.
Dona Rasulo Buccellato

Blossom's tragic story pulls at every string of our hearts; this young dog actually tried to cling to the volunteer's leg as if begging not to be placed back in the kennel at the small animal shelter where she is currently being kept.

Extremely friendly, sweet, and reported to get along fine with other dogs, Blossom must be rescued by Friday. Following is more information about this dog as told by a volunteer:

"Blossom is a young new mommy whose babies were ripped away from her way too early. Her babies are gone; most likely sold on the street, and now this beautiful scared young mom sits behind bars wondering what happened. She is SO ADORABLE and pressed up against us begging for help! She needs rescue ASAP..This is a small animal control holding facility."

It has been reported the animal shelter is located in northern New Jersey. Blossom must be pulled by a rescue. Here are the contacts:

All adoption / fosters must go through reputable rescues. So please contact one directly if you can help.
Shelter contacts :

Most rescues are overflowing with deserving dogs and cats, and it has been extremely difficult to find room for even the most desperate situations. Foster homes are the only solution at this point, and more than $600 has been pledged to an approved rescue organization to help with Blossom's expenses. An explanation as to the pledges is explained:

"Pledges will hopefully entice a rescue to take the dog under them. Not only are rescues overwhelmed with the amount of dogs they have, they are overwhelmed with vet bills so if they know Blossom comes along with donations, that will help them knowing the vet costs will be covered or boarding costs if they needed that. But we still need a rescue to commit and whatever rescue saves her, the pledges will be sent to them."

Please continue to network Blossom. This short, little stocky gal deserves a second chance at life, don't you think? Please pass her story on to your friends, relatives and coworkers. It only takes a moment to forward this article to a friend; it only takes one person to make the connection with Blossom and offer her at the very least - a foster home.

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