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Shelter begins path to no kill by following workable concepts for saving lives

The policies set forth by the No Kill Coalition for a true no-kill shelter include the idea of public adoptions, low-cost adoptions, and great marketing ideas. The Manatee County Animal Services in the Bradenton area of Sarasota has begun a path to a true no kill shelter by adhering to these policies in the past few weeks with more public adoptions in a variety of convenient venues that are actually accessible to people who would like to adopt a new pet, but are unable to come to the shelter itself because of time constraints in their daily routine. There have been signs that the shelter is sincere in opening up opportunities for more accessible adoptions with several events that have been held for the past few days. and weeks. Another policy that is set forth by the No Kill Coalition is one in which the shelters work with rescue organizations to save lives. The Manatee County Animal Services has also shown an improved willingness to work with rescue organizations such as Forgetmenot, Inc. Other community venues have been used recently to hold low-cost adoptions. The manager of the Support No Kill Manatee County Facebook page recently contacted me as the animal advocate to give me the information that the shelter actually has not reached full cooperative work with the rescue Forgetmenot, Inc, but one rescue shelter, the Honor Rescue Shelter informed me that they do pull animals from Manatee County Animal Services. Volunteers and not the shelter management arranged the public adoptions. The community is continuing to demand a change in shelter directors and hope to be successful in the November county elections.

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*The Manatee County Animal Services held a public adoption event on Saturday, July 19th at the Pet Supermarket on 26th Street W. and Cortez Road in Bradenton. Low-cost adoptions for cats and dogs were offered.

*Animal services also held a low-cost adoption event at the Desoto Square Mall in Bradenton on Saturday, July 19th.

* Back in Black, a creative marketing concept for attracting pet parents to the shelter, was held at the shelter on July 17th-19th. Low -cost adoptions were offered for all pets, with black cats and dogs as the main attraction. Shelters have found that black cats and dogs are often overlooked as adoptable pets. "Back in Black" showcased its black cats and dogs at this adoption event.

The community hopes that the Manatee County Animal Services will continue these public adoptions by working with a variety of venues that are accessible to the public. They have begun a path to the No Kill concept that the community has demanded, and good things seem to be happening with the shelter beginning its efforts to honor the wishes of the community.

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