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Shelly Kramer shows Chicks who Click how to find their voice online

Shelly Kramer

Shelly Kramer, founder of Kansas City integrated marketing and social media agency V3 spoke about the importance of personal branding at Saturday’s Denver Chicks who Click conference.

Her talk, “Finding your voice online – The Brand of You”, emphasized the power of owning your online presence. “To be taken seriously today you have to have a presence out there and it has to be good”, Kramer explained, “You have to start thinking about what your gifts are, what you bring to the table.”

Kramer offered the following pointers for building “The Brand of You”

  • Start raising your hand – tell people you can do it (whatever it is).
  • Be real, be transparent -“The Brand of You is about more than your profession – it might be about your family, hobbies, rants. If you blog for your job, don’t forget about the brand of you – don’t just let your job define you.”
  • Create and maintain your own persona – “No one else is going to care about you unless you make them, or make it worth their while.”
  •  Social media is not the end game – "it’s part of a bigger plan.” The Brand of You is about integrating social media channels to put your best digital footprint forward

 “Be true to who you are because that is the best you there is", Kramer encouraged.  "Being real is the best thing you can be.” According to Kramer being true to The Brand of You has resulted in a 300% increase in business.  Now her challenge is keeping up with the demand.


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