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Shellfire VPN – A Personal Guardian for Your Internet Connections


Does your smartphone's Internet security make you jittery? Is your Android device under constant threat of getting hacked? Install Shellfire VPN to ensure full protection & privacy for your Android devices from hackers, and also unlock web services banned or blocked in your country.

Once you install the app, you get connected to Shellfire VPN servers in no time. Shellfire VPN has multiple servers in different countries and you get connected to one of them. Once you get connected to a VPN server, it monitors all your Internet activities and encrypts the data you send & receive. The encryption guarantees your files & data a safe and secure transfer. It connects your Android device to the Internet using a fake IP address and protects your online identity.

With these advanced security features you can make sure that hackers don't get hold of information like passwords, credit card PINs and other personal information. Besides security & privacy, the VPN server enables you to access sites that are usaully blocked in your country. The app has advanced protocol supports such as openVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. These updated protocol settings drastically improve your online surfing and video streaming experiences. In addition to this, you can make uninterrupted voice calls through Skype.


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