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Shell Corporate center covers grounds with parking lot

Sign by a Shell Corporate Center entrance.
Sign by a Shell Corporate Center entrance.
Adam Benjamin

Finding an open parking spot will be easy for employees working at the Shell Corporate Center on Eastgate Mall. Workers built a new parking lot next to an office building on the east side of center campus in the University City area just east of the UCSD east campus.

Adam Benjamin
A new parking lot built inside green construciton fence at Shell Corporate Center on Eastgate Mall. Friday, JUne 27.

Converting campus land to parking spaces opens up future opportunities to park on campus when the office buildings get leased out, and, filled with workers. Cassidy Turley commercial real estate advertised open leases on the campus last week.

The Shell corporate center buildings line up along a block stretch that covers large acreage on the block between Town Center Drive and Gennessee Avenue. North of La Jolla Village Drive.

Hundreds of parking spaces now take up space along the street that stands in the middle of a thriving Golden Triangle community. Corporate trade and research work done in the offices built amidst the landscape covered with plants, rocks, and flowers adds to a plan to build up productivity in the succesful commercial district.

Office lease space has been growing into a commercial building collection fixture that changes the community skylines. The SHell location guarantees corporate office signs will attract the public's attention to the innovative work done inside the offices.

The Eastgate Mall length stays in the public spotlight. It serves as a busy connection between the Gennessee Avenue east border street at the UCSD campus and the drive that runs north from the UTC mall through biotech and finance streets.

Land in the area is well sought after. Employee parking additions open up growth opportunities in the employment market.

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