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Sheila von Wiese Mack: Suitcase leaking blood found to contain woman's body

An American woman found stuffed inside a suitcase in front of one of the most prestigious hotels in Bali is identified as a wealthy academic from Oak Park, Illinois. Sheila van Wiese Mack, who at one time worked for Ted Kennedy and whose late husband was composer James Mack, was found half naked in that suitcase at the hotel, according to MSN News on Aug. 13.

Police look over a suitcase where the body of an American woman was stuffed into a suitcase and left in front of a Bali hotel. Teen daughter and boyfriend being held by Bali police.
YouTube screen shot

Who did this to the woman? Her teenage daughter and her boyfriend, who were staying with her at the hotel where rooms start at $475 a night, are in police custody being questioned for this crime. Heather Mack, 19, had been staying with her mother at the hotel for several days until her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, 21, showed up and joined them, reports Mail Online today.

Surveillance cameras from the hotel captured Schaefer arguing with the now dead woman the same night he arrived to the hotel and started staying with the mother and daughter. Von Wiese Mack died of blunt force injuries to her head. Police say she was bruised and looked as if she had put up a fight, as one of her fingers were broken.

The teens put the trunk containing the woman’s body in a taxi and said they were going inside to check out of the hotel. When they didn’t return the taxi driver left the suitcases and the trunk in front of the hotel with the doorman. After a few hours when blood started to leak out of the trunk, the police were called.

The body of 62-year-old Von Wiese Mack was discovered inside the trunk. This looked to be a murder to the Bali police who embarked on a manhunt for the teen couple. The security cameras at the hotel showed the couple going through the hotel and out the back. They walked along the beach to an unknown destination.

Police found the daughter and her boyfriend at a hotel in the center of Kuta about six miles from the up-scale hotel where the teens had just left the dead mother in a trunk. They were found in the early morning asleep in their room. The two are being detained and questioned by the Bali Police. Mr Utomo, who is heading up the investigation, said this is murder and the investigation will decide if it was “premeditated or spontaneous.”

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