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Sheila Jackson Lee: Obama must grant amnesty because GOP is opposed to it

Sheila Jackson Lee says Obama must grant amnesty because GOP opposes it.
Sheila Jackson Lee says Obama must grant amnesty because GOP opposes it.
Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images.

While appearing on MSNBC's "NewsNation with Tamron Hall" on Tuesday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat once dubbed the "Congressional boss from Hell," said President Obama must unilaterally grant amnesty to some five to six million illegal immigrants because House Republicans are opposed to the idea.

"I would applaud the president because all we're doing is taking a sore, bleeding sore and watching it bleed, continue to be infected, and sprinkling water on top of it. That's what the Republicans are doing," she said.

"We're blocked by an effort to destroy the good points or the good aspects of immigration reform and the influx of immigrants who have come to this country beginning with the Statute of Liberty all making the nation great," she added. "The president has tried in every manner of seeking a comprise with Speaker Boehner and Republicans."

She also claimed that some 70 percent of Americans want the children crossing the border to be treated humanely, and want what she called "comprehensive immigration reform." But a YouGov/Economist poll shows that 77 percent of Americans, including a large number of Hispanics and blacks, want the illegal immigrants returned. said that 67 percent of Democrats said they wanted illegal immigrants returned. Ten percent of all respondents in the July poll said they wanted the illegal immigrants returned to the Mexican border, while 32% want them returned "to their family in their home country, regardless of conditions in their home country." Thirty-five percent want them returned "to their family in their home country, only if conditions in their home country are safe."

Only 11 percent want the illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. Three percent want "something else," while 10 percent said they didn't know what the right solution is. The poll is clear on one point, however. While Americans want the children treated humanely as Jackson Lee suggests, a majority do not want them to stay, as she and Barack Obama do.

Earlier this month, Jackson Lee offered what one conservative blog called a "solution for the simple-minded" Democrats who see the flood of illegal immigrants as an opportunity to expand their base: Lollipops.

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