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Sheik vs Wong


The Accident Gallery is another of the premier gallery spaces in Eureka, often focusing on more modern forms of art in an area where we always seem to be a touch behind the times. Breathing fresh air into a seemingly stagnant local art scene, it’s nice to have a space that isn’t afraid to showcase less traditional forms of art.

Accident Gallery entrance
Stephen Mercier

Currently they have featured artists Sheik and Wong, both hailing from Humboldt this show will be up from January 6TH to February 6Th.

Shiek and Wong, two of the freshest graffiti artists in Humboldt, battling it out but this time inside of a gallery. While the popularity of graffiti has grown since the likes of Shepard Fairey, Banksy and many others have hit the scene, it’s always nice to see their art receiving recognition in the gallery and not hidden on overpasses and tunnels waiting to get sprayed over by the next want-to-be.

There are also many members of the Accident Gallery Currently featured in the show, providing a rich and diverse artistic atmosphere for viewers. There is also there selection of art supplies such as Montana spray paint, caps, books, t-shirts and a variety of other items for your purchase and enjoyment.

Check out the final day of Sheik vs. Wong on the first Saturday in February and be sure to stay tuned as they will be hanging a new show on February the 8th. 


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