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Sheepskin, baby swing's or bouncy seats give new mom's a safe place to set baby down.

Babies enjoying a Bowron Sheepskin
Courtesy of Bowron

New parent's have no choice but to continue tasks such as folding laundry, taking showers and preparing meals. When there  are not extra arms to hold baby a simple sheepskin, baby swing or bouncy seat is a necessity. 

Bowron sheepskins are available in both soft (unshorn long wool) and shorn (wool that has been clipped short) versions. They have been prepared to be a safe and hygienic product for babies. The delightfully soft baby comforter is just big enough for baby to lay on their front or back and enjoy a favorite toy or simply watching the world around them.

 Maclaren makes a rocker and vibrating chair that is another great option. Parents often find that their baby loves one type of movement and not another. This chair is both a rocker and a vibrating chair and it has the ability to be stationary well. The chair comes with three small toys that hang in front of baby for entertainment. It folds down for compact carrying and includes a shoulder strap. 

Maclaren Rocker seat
Courtesy of Maclaren

 Sprout in Brattleboro Vermont carries both the Bowron sheepskins and the Maclaren rockers.

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