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Sheep on road caused traffic jam and didn't move until owner showed up

A story was in the news over the weekend about an unusual traffic jam in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Police say the traffic jam was caused by a herd of sheep that literally took over a road and blocked traffic. The herd’s owner, Eugene McKay, told ABC News affiliate WCVB-TV that the sheep had likely been attacked by a coyote and escaped over a fence to find safety in the street. The owner said the sheep were safe there, and they were content in the middle of the road after running all night.

Sheep caused traffic jam: Wouldn't move until owner showed up
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

When police arrived the next morning, the sheep made no effort to move until McKay herded them back up. The sheep followed their master without hesitation. However, they did not move for anyone else. What does that remind you of from the Bible? There is a scripture in the Bible that says, "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me" (John 10:27).

No matter how many cars blew their horns and how many people tried to get the sheep to move, they wouldn't. They didn't even bulge for the police with the badge. That's because the sheep did what sheep are supposed to do. They are supposed to listen to the voice of their master and follow him.

How nice it would be if we as humans would follow the pattern of the sheep. This doesn't mean placing ourselves in the middle of the road and causing a traffic jam. What this means is that we should have only one master. We should be so attuned to hearing God's voice that we will move only when He says so.

The reason we don't respond appropriately to the voice of God is because we don't know His voice. One reason we don't hear His voice is because we don't have a personal intimate relationship with Him, and we don't know Him personally. Another reason we don't hear God's voice is because we hear so many other voices telling us to do this and to do that. We are unable to distinguish God's voice from the multitude of other voices we hear.

We are like sheep who have gone astray (Isaiah 53:6). However, the best thing to do is to stay still until our master shows up with directions for us to follow. When we hear His voice, we will recognize it and follow Him.

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