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Shedding off that post-baby weight

Equinox stroller classes
Equinox stroller classes
Equinox stroller stride

Losing that post-baby belly is one of the hardest weight loss challenges. Having to leave your newborn at home as you hit the gym can make it even harder—which is why Equinox decided they should be taken along for the ride.

Equinox is starting up a “Pushing your Limits” class, inspired by member Caitlin Hill, which is geared towards new mommies. The hour-long stroller fitness class is led by instructor Tonya and her 8-month old Mia. It involves strength and cardio moves that will help you sweat off that weight as you roll around Lincoln Park.

For members the class is completely complimentary, and only $10 per class for members. Anyone interested can contact Brittany Siegler at Brittany.siegler@equinox .com and watch that baby weight shed with this stroller boot camp.