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Shed fat add years to your life

walking to shed fat
walking to shed fat
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

It’s almost impossible not to gain weight these days with all the marketing bombardment from the fast food industry. With these temptations, It’s can be a struggle to maintain your weight and even worse for over-weight people to lose weight. But, if you can take control of your eating habits could lose weight and add years to your life.

There have been studies referencing that high levels of obesity in millions in American with a life expectancy rate that is three to five years less than their healthy-weight counterparts.

So what age is good time lose weight? Well, now is the best time. Many people view losing weight as a unimportant goal to put off to a later time. That's half the problem; then one day you wake up and you realize you're overweight and struggling to enjoy life. As you get older, you must take better care of yourself. When we're younger our metabolism is much faster, so we burn calories much more easily. This makes it easier to consume a diet of highly processed and fatty foods while still maintaining a healthy weight. As a health professional I believe, If you’re middle age person, it gets a little harder to shed the pounds. The good thing is that you can save money, time and disease; if you invest into your health to lose weight. With this information is no doubt that anyone would want to shed fat. It’s a fact that many of diseases we suffer from, comes from being overweight and they simply can be solved by losing weight. When our society wakes up and takes self-discipline of ourselves, we might be able to live longer healthier lives.