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Shed body fat & gain muscle

Irfan / M Images
Irfan / M Images
Shed Bodyfat & Gain Muscle

By following the two tier training regimen, you will be able to shed 3-4 % body fat while packing on 3-4 pounds of solid muscle in 12 weeks. That reconstitution of your body will achieve an amazing transformation. But it will only work if you are managing your nutritional intake.

Train Smart, Eat Smart

80% of your body transformation success will be dictated by your nutritional habits. That means that it doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym, how much sweat you expend on your cardio sessions or how much of a pump you manage to achieve in your biceps, unless you are eating clean and smart, you will get absolutely nowhere. Here then are 6 keys to nailing your nutrition:

(1) Eat every 3 waking hours - that means about six evenly sized meals over the course of the day.
(2) Each meal should comprise 50% starchy and fibrous carbohydrates, 35% lean proteins and 15% healthy fats (focus on Omega-3 rich fatty fish and oils).
(3) Have a cheat meal once per week. Do this as early in the day as you can and don’t go overboard - burger, small fries and diet soda should do it.
(4) Drink 2.5 liters of water every day.
(5) Use a protein supplement to help you get your daily protein requirement ( which should equate to 1 gram for every pound of bodyfat). Limit protein shakes to no more than 1 per day.
(6) Eat plenty of fruit. Twenty minutes prior to a work-out take in a banana or two for quick release energy during your training session.

Putting it all Together

By focusing on reconstituting your physique rather than blindly losing weight, you’ll be able to create a body that you’ll be proud of. To keep yourself focused and on-track set a long term goal built around a picture of the ideal physique that you would love to own. Then break that goal down into yearly, 3 monthly, monthly, weekly and daily stepping stone goals. Write out your 3 monthly goal as a positive achievement (i.e. “I have achieved 18% body-fat and I feel fantastic.”). Carry this goal with you and feed on it throughout the day. By doing so you will have already achieved your goal in your mind. It won’t take your body long to make it a reality.

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