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Shebeen Breaks Out the Big Guns for Cannoli Beer

The new, Big System over at Shebeen.
The new, Big System over at Shebeen.
Shebeen Brewing Co.

Re-posted from my blog: Malted Musings.

There are a ton of great breweries in CT, but one that is on the cutting edge of "beer you didn't know you already loved" is Shebeen Brewing Company. I did a big write-up on these guys a little while back; their claim to fame is making such beers as Bacon Kona Stout, Double Rye Porter, German Cerveza, and their infamous Cannoli beer. In other words, beer that may make purists and beer neophytes alike roll their eyes -- at least until they actually take the first sip!

Now Shebeen had been brewing off of a pilot system until fairly recently: in fact this past Saturday they brewed up a batch of their Cannoli beer on their new bigger system for the first time! Their Cannoli (like much of the other beers they brew) is hard to describe. It pulls like a nice, evenly balanced ale --complete with a nice malty body and just a kiss of hops on the back end. What makes it special though is a creamy sugary/spiciness that comes from the added spices they put in it. Why, it actually has a strong resemblance to a real cannoli!

The Cannoli beer ends up being a nice, easy drinking medium bodied brew that has a sweet initial taste to it, which trails off into gentle, lingering spices. It's the type of beer which, after you have it, you're surprised that no one else has put a cannoli into a beer before. In fact, the highest praise I can give Shebeen is that you end up thinking the same thing for all of their "crazy" beer styles, "Wow, I can't believe no one else has done this before, it's great!"

Go check out Shebeen! I don't care if the beer sounds too "out there" for you: just try it! You can always yell at me if it doesn't live up to your expectations. Check out their website for up-to-date event info and on-tap lists. Then follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ to check out more local beer spotlights and my general thoughts on brews of all kind.