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She was taken first...

Mona was a sweet black and white little girl. She had everything for her. She had been fixed and adopted. But... she still was at the shelter when the gang showed up and loaded them towards that machinery garage in Lachute.

The day before young Claudia came to see her and give me an update on the behaviour of her male cat since he was the reason behind Mona still being at the shelter.

She got taken first because she was always hanging from people's pants so they would take her in their arms. She was cuddly and loved people. so they took her out of the way and put her in a carrier, without a second glance. They put a number on the carrier and loaded it in the cold truck for the ride to the garage where she still is.

I complained to every authority possible in this province for the way the cats were illegally seized and transported in minus 21 degrees in a cold truck, in cold carriers for hours before reaching Lachute and being unloaded. There is something wrong in the transport done in our cats' case and for those dogs coming from Abitibi which were loaded in a semi and trucked for 10 hours in cold temperatures. So far, no one is taking it seriously, seriously enough to investigate and correct the procedure.

We are not in Hawai and October and November 2013 months were very cold as was all winter. We do not even have the assurance that the garage was heated to a comfortable temperature in the winter months.

I fail to see the point of keeping the cats for so long without correcting a wrong they did months ago. Only a judge can do it and release the prisoners and I am working for it to happen in June.

If you can help please send your warm vibrations to the cats and post: for the legal help.Thanks.

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