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She’s the one that got away

Melissa Savcic performing live
Andre Navarro

Sometimes the best heard things are right under your ears.

Missing persons

Unfortunately, these are the things which get overlooked and under heard and often slip away. Former Houston singer and songwriter Melissa Savčić, who came from Venezuela with a guitar and ukulele in her hands and a world of catchy tunes in her heart begging to be heard, is one of those who got away - almost.

Group therapy

Before moving to Denver recently, Savčić lived in Houston for seven years, performing her unique blend of indie pop music, spontaneously inspired by the events in her life and the people who've affected her along the way. She’s not ashamed to admit her songs sometimes act as a buffer for her to say the things she’s unable to say to someone in person. This may be a therapeutic advantage for Savčić, but it benefits music fans too. Think of all the wonderful songs that would have gone unwritten and unheard if they’d only been spoken to one person at one point in time, instead of put to music and shared with the world forever. Click here to listen to one of those possible moments preserved in song.

Savčić’s songs provide an insight into her life - her interactions, experiences, and relationships.

Life as she knows it

Her music invites curiosity and speculation on her seemingly vibrant world and provokes reflection and introspection on the world in which you live. Savčić makes this possible because she writes songs that inspire her and songs that she likes to listen to herself. Her creativity isn't clouded by the insincerity or hashtag mentality of trying to write hits or write about what’s popular. Watch Savčić perform live or see one of her many self-made YouTube videos, and you see someone with no allegiance to the pop charts or their narrow confines. This is an absolute necessity in today's unambitious musical climate. Click here to see one of her videos showcasing her non-conformist musical sensibility. Although her canvas is mostly acoustic, she isn't afraid to plug in if the mood strikes her and exercise her versatility. Click here to listen to Savčić getting electric. With Melissa Savčić, what you see and hear is a musician enjoying life, having fun making music that’s satisfying and even a little therapeutic for her. Click here to listen to Savčić living life to its fullest and sharing the experience through her music.

If Melissa Savčić got away before you had the pleasure of seeing her perform live during the time she called Houston home, all is not lost.

Second chance encounter

You have another chance this Sunday, June 29 to see Melissa Savčić when she makes a homecoming trip to town to join the lineup of artists at The Caroline Sessions 5.4. She will be sharing the stage with Houston artists CeCe Estrada, Corey Power, Frank Freeman, La Sien, Second Lovers, and Willy Collins. The Caroline Sessions is a free concert showcasing local musicians and benefiting a good cause each month. All proceeds from this month’s show go to benefit the local non-profit It Gets Better Project in honor of Alice Alsup.

If you can’t make it out to see Melissa Savčić at The Caroline Sessions, you aren't completely out of luck. If you live in the Denver area, or plan to be there in July, she will be playing at Paris on the Platte on July 19 with David Starr Dunn.

Additionally, thanks to the wonders of technology and the Internet, both of Melissa Savčić’s albums “Walking into the Sunset” and “I Love the Nightlife,” are available online as well as a performance captured at St. Arnold’s Brewery in Houston. You can also hear Savčić’s music on her YouTube channel and find out more about her by visiting her website and Facebook page.

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