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'She's Out of My League' a breath of fresh air

Jay Baruchel plays a 5 who gets a 10 to fall for him in 'She's Out of My League.'
Jay Baruchel plays a 5 who gets a 10 to fall for him in 'She's Out of My League.'

The story of a nerdy guy getting an unattainable woman has been a mainstay of Hollywood comedies for years. They're almost always predictable, often cheesy and occasionally, extremely entertaining. File She's Out of My League under the latter category. 

Yes, you can see the ending coming a mile away, and there's some fluff there, but the screenplay and actors take something familiar and manage to make it feel fresh. That's no small feat.

The "She" in title refers to Molly (a luminous Alice Eve), an event planner who meets Kirk (Jay Baruchel), a airport security worker when she leaves her phone behind at security. He returns it, she repays him by taking him out on a date, but he's not like the guys she normally goes for, and next thing you know, they're in a blossoming romance.

As previously stated, nothing new. What ends up being the saving grace of the film is the interplay between the characters. Kirk's airport buddies find everything about the situation both ridiculous and hilarious, and do their best to support and run him down simultaneously. The resulting banter is hilarious.

Props also go to Eve for playing a believable beauty, flawed in her own ways. It would have been easy to cast an actress who is too gorgeous for the plot to even hold onto a shred of reality, but she's both lovely and human enough that it doesn't seem too far fetched.

It was also an extremely wise move skipping the PG-13 rating and going for the R. If the writers had tried to tone it down, the dialogue and jokes wouldn't have worked nearly as well, nor would the characters have felt as real.

She's Out of My League proves that raunchy can work as long as there is some soul behind it. And that sometimes an old dog (or story) can learn new tricks.

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