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The Guess Who - Circa 1970
The Guess Who - Circa 1970

When you hear, “American Woman” or “No Sugar Tonight” you may find yourself asking, “Who is this band?!” Not to be confused with The Who, The Guess Who was formed in Winnipeg, Canada in 1960. Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman (Bachman Turner Overdrive) Jim Kale, and Garry Peterson a decade later became known as the first Canadian rock band to score success in the United States without leaving their native Canada. This Guess Who gained success with: American Woman, No Sugar Tonight, Laughing, These Eyes, No Time, Share The Land, and Clap For The Wolfman. The thing about this band is how insanely groovy each song is. Take a moment to listen to the following three albums:

Canned Wheat

American Woman

Share The Land

One word of caution, you’ll get hooked to this band. They’re a refreshing twist and a trip down the off beaten path with what we’re all familiar with. No, they’re no Doors, Zeppelin, or Floyd; The Guess Who is in a category all on their own. This is what we want in music; something new and something alarmingly contagious! Do yourself a favor and jump on to The Guess Who bandwagon.