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'She Made Them Do It' true story of Sarah Jo Pender-Richard Hull

based on a real case in Indiana

"She Made Them Do It" is a true-story based on Sarah Jo Pender. The movie premiered as a Lifetime Original movie. It is directed by Grant Harvey and written by Gary Tieche. The cast stars: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Steve Bacic and Mackezie Phillips.

"She Made Them Do It" synopsis/plot

A young woman finds herself doing time in prison after she is convicted of murder in the deaths of her roommates. Sarah tells anyone who will listen that her boyfriend acted alone, and that she had absolutely nothing to do with the murders. When she finally escapes from prison, the clock ticks as Sara lives a life on the run.

The true story was inspired by an Indiana murder case involving Sarah Jo Pender. Pender's case received media attention in 2008 after she escaped from prison where she was serving a sentence for the murder of her roommates Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman in 2000. Her case was featured on America's Most Wanted. Her boyfriend, Richard Hull, was also convicted of murder, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Today, Sarah Jo Pender sits in solitary confinement at a correctional facility in Indianapolis. She is not eligible for parole until 2054.

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