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She looks so fat

Jessica Simpson's weight has been constantly scruntinized by the tabloids.
Jessica Simpson's weight has been constantly scruntinized by the tabloids.

We all did it in grade school.  Then we did it even more in high school.  We started college and nothing really changed.  Now we're adults and we still constantly judge and criticize other people.   Does this sound familiar?  "I cannot believe how much weight she gained."  "What is up with her hair?"  "Is he seriously wearing that shirt?" 

It's beyond obvious American pop culture has played a large role in defining our concept of beauty, and in many ways has contributed to our tendency to make harsh (and often times nasty or uncalled for) judgments about individuals based upon the way they look or dress.  When Jessica Simpson was photographed wearing an unflattering pair of "mom jeans" while performing, the image appeared on the cover of various magazines and was all over the Internet.  We were shocked to see how much weight Jessica gained--sadly, her Daisy Duke days were over. 

Or remember that photo of Tyra Banks looking "chunky" in her one-piece bathing suit?  Same thing--it was headline news!   And the worst part is that many Americans (young and old, women and men) buy in to these ridiculous and super-critical commentaries about body image and what we should all "strive" to look like.  It's not just about Jessica and Tyra though--this extreme focus on weight, youth, materialism, etc. saturates the media on a daily basis.  We live and breathe this stuff. 

But regardless of whether you are a Hollywood celebrity or an average guy or gal living in Fort Lauderdale, we've all made our share of fashion mistakes and have dealt with one type of body issue or another.  So why all the negativity?  And why are we so tough on everyone else? 


  • Caroline-Chicago Romance Examiner 5 years ago

    People expect to see celebrities to never lose their beauty, so they can live through them, or they love to see beautiful models and actresses get fat to seem more human like them. It's funny how society is. Great article!

  • Elisa 5 years ago

    That's too hilarious! I never thought about that. And many thanks for the compliment. It is much appreciated. :)

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