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She is waiting for you to find her

In Kabbalah we seek the answers that resonate within our own soul. It is this special relationship that we have with Shekhinta that allows us the ability to both discern and make use of that divine connection.

Sometimes it is as simple as connecting two pieces of information like seeing that the Beit of Bereishis symbolizes house or two and then making the connections that proceed from there with Reishis as the beginning and more.

She is waiting for you to see her

It becomes more and more like a grand overall compression scheme in which the Master of the Universe presents us with myriads of levels of perception and asks us to break all of them down into their components ending up at last with a super compressed unified conceptual reality that in short is One.

Now we are asked to do all of this for a single reason and that is to reconnect with the holiness with which we have become distant because of our immersion in this world. This world encompasses not just the world of form but the world of reaction, of emotions, of following something that does not bring us to a unification of all things. Why do we need this unity? It is because we are born with eyes that see and yet we grow into eyes that see and understand. The surface of things is wonderful to be sure and yet it is transitory. Look into, under, beyond and use your 'sight' to uncover the mysteries that are presented to you daily in plain sight.

In order for a redwood seedling to grow into a mighty hundreds of feet high tree it must continuously expand its range of view building upon the solid foundation upon which it rests. Our foundation in this sense is holiness; the idea that there is something higher that inspires us to greater perceptions of good.

The only way to expand to aspire higher to embrace holiness is to become aware of Shekhinta the flowing source of all connection. In a way She is like electricity. You must have felt at some point in your life a feeling of electric pulsing within that thrills your mind, gives you an overall feeling of exhilaration. This feeling is Shekhinta. It is the flowing that makes connection. The more you awaken Her the more intense the feeling the stronger the connection.

Conversely if you dismiss Her and your feelings and your aspirations for good then She becomes shut off to you and you experience chaos, illness, and death. When She is active within you and all around you the circuit is flowing, turned on and increasing its power and efficiency connecting you to the Source, the unity of Hashem and Oneness of being.

Now there are times of trial which call into question your beliefs and the path that you are taking in life. At such times realize that what is happening is that there is resistance taking place in the circuit and this resistance make the flow ultimately stronger since one you figure things out things will begin to flow more smoothly and your sense of connection will have grown stronger.

This is why every opportunity we have to become more aware of Her, of Shekhinta, of our sense of connection within, we have to take it. It is somewhat of a leap of faith although with practice it is something that you will come to expect. B"H.

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