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She Did That Natural Thing!

What a natural hair movement! Home girl, Actress, Miss Elegant, Legendary and Pioneer Cicely Tyson made a bold step during her first live television role. She believed in totally and accurately immersing herself in films where she depicted African Americans and African women by looking the part. For one television show (during the years 50's or 60's?), she decided to go to a barber shop in Harlem (without alerting anyone) to get her natural hair cut very short and close to the scalp as possible. Especially because she was playing an African character, and knew that African women in Africa were not wearing wigs and straight hair.

Cicely Tyson's natural beauty
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In response, Cicely received letters from many hair stylist who were upset because their clients wanted to cut their hair similar to Cicely's hair...Hey CHECK OUT HER STORY IN HER OWN WORDS in the video. Imagine her doing this at a time when many African American artists had to enter in many venues through the back door but sista-girl created an irony which was great for her role, and the response from her producer/director was positive. It was exactly what he wanted but he wasn't sure about how to ask her. Touchy subject! Cicely never had a problem making statements through sporting her natural face and hair. She definitely rocks! What an inspiration to women today (especially African American women) who are transitioning to natural beauty/natural hair textures or desire to but unsure about how they will be received from friends and/or family, and co-workers. It's still controversial but change has come to stay.

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