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Shayne Lamas update: Dad says she is stable

Shayne Lamas
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for T-Mobile

Shocking news came out today that Shayne Lamas of "The Bachelorette" was in a coma and lost her baby. On Feb. 10, People was able to get an update from her dad Lorenzo Lamas and things are sounding good for her at the moment. She did lose her baby, but Shayne is not in a coma and is considered stable.

Her dad said that she is stable and not in a coma, but it is true that she lost her baby that she was carrying. He also said that she is aware of her condition and knows what is going on. She does know that her family and husband are there and love her very much. It sounds like Shayne has a great support system going on right now.

Shayne Lamas collapsed at her home last night. She was rushed to the hospital and had internal bleeding going on from her uterus. At this time, she will be staying at the hospital her doctors say it is time for her go to home. Shayne was 16 weeks pregnant with her second child and did lose the baby.

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